luxury furniture custom shop in kerala

Prucioz Wood Co. is synonymous with modern furniture carved out in unique style and fashion, located in the Evergreen and Picturesque Idukki district of the God’s Own Country, Kerala. The efficient artists who have creditable and enviable experience in carpentry and wood carving for decades collect the best quality solid wood and these are systematically seasoned to the working standards. We use sophisticated equipment with an even blend of traditional tools for optimizing the wood properties, thereby bringing a universal appeal and standard. We are bestowed with a cadre of skilled workers to transform these raw materials to attractive furniture. After years of experiments on various constituents of resin art and its pouring to the resin, we use the highest quality crystal clear resins and ultra-clear epoxy to gain long life and symbol of a charming etiquette to our products that decorates your interiors to a unique stardom.

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