Is India’s Testing and Tracing Strategy Working? – Coronavirus

India has seen a steep decrease in Corona virus cases since September. However the changed testing procedures may be hindering the battle against the disease.

State Governments from the central support need to work on robust testing and tracing strategy can help in managing this pandemic more effectively. Modi has called on the country’s worst-affected states to give top priority to testing and contact tracing to combat coronavirus.

What types of Tests India is practicing:

PCR test which has the highest accuracy rate is regarded as the ‘Golden standard testing’. Since PCR is a time consuming test in this current scenario many Indian states are following Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT), a faster but less reliable method.

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How does RAT work?

Even though RAT tests miss up to 50% cases due to false negatives (where infected people are not detected), some experts believe they are highly useful in virus hotspots regions. India is not alone using these RAT tests. There are some European countries grabbed their hands on this method due to extended wave of Infection.

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