Exclusive! Arshad Warsi: I Hug All The People Who Offer Me Non-Funny Roles

Known for being one of the top funny men in Bollywood, Arshad Warsi believes he has a lot more than just his impeccable comic timing to offer. While we have seen and adored him in comic roles in countless movies, Arshad Warsi is as powerful an actor when it comes to serious films as well. In this exclusive interview with mid-day.com’s Parul Sharma, Warsi opens on life during lockdown, how he believes he’s been under-utilised, and his latest release, Durgamati.

You know you can hold an easy conversation with a celebrity when the first thing you hear is their tinkling laughter when you compliment them. Arshad Warsi’s easygoing nature shone through when he laughingly thanked his interviewer for calling him ‘incredible’, which he quite frankly is.

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