Ather 450X Review: Incredible!

Ather 450X Review: Incredible!
Ather Energy has delivered its high-performance electric scooter in Ahemadhabad recently and soon will reach out to the other states in India. Being an Indian EV manufacturer, Ather Energy is slowly gaining popularity in gaining more customers. Powering the Ather 450X is the 2.9 kWp lithium-ion battery with an IP 67 stage that claims its waterproof and dustproof property. The 450X uses the 6 kW PMS motor capable of producing 26 NM of peak torque. The Ather 450X also includes ride modes such as Eco, RIde, Sport, and Warp mode and offers 85km mileage on one full charge. The Ather electric scooter is capable of moving 1.5 km for just 1 min. of charging. Ather grid is also being planned to address the riders and for quick charging. Other features are the 7-inch display, tubeless tires, dual disk, powerful engine, a top speed of 70 Kmph, and more. The Ather 450X is priced at Rs 1.60 lakh price
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