14 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Were Huge Gamers

Video games have been going through a bit of an identity crisis for the past decade or so. Some parents and politicians seem to think they lead to childhood obesity and shrinking attention spans, while other scientists and gaming advocates believe they can improve hand-eye coordination and provide beneficial brain stimulation. The other problem is that, despite games reaching a much broader audience than they did 20 years ago, the average gamer is still stereotyped as some fat, lazy college student who lives in their parent’s basement. Fortunately, there are some hugely famous and charismatic actors out there who identify as gamers. Just because they’re out there making movies and going to fancy award shows doesn’t mean that they don’t have time for a little Halo or Mortal Kombat. Many of them are actually so into their games of choice that they’ve gone to great lengths to show their support.

Here are 14 big name celebrities who you probably had no idea were huge gamers.

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